Your Ultimate Summer Hair Guide

Summer is here! That means beach trips, pool days, heaps of outdoor activities and a lot of exposure to that hot summer sun. This is your ultimate guide to keeping your hair feeling fresh and healthy this summer and how to smash your summer hair goals.

Sun Damage

We all know the sun has damaging effects on our skin, we go out of our way to slip, slop, slap and cover up to protect ourselves from skin cancer, but what about our hair? Does the sun really damage our hair that much?

The answer is yes! The sun can definitely damage our beautiful locks. UV rays can cause a whole range of damage, including colour fade, brittle hair, split ends and fizziness.

Fine hair and recently coloured hair are even more susceptible to damage. Fresh hair colour can fade rapidly due to the UV rays bleaching the pigment in your hair and fine hair can become brittle and weak faster.

Your Ultimate Summer Hair Guide -

So how do we prevent all of this from happening?

The sun is always at its strongest between 10am and 3pm, so if you can it is wise to avoid the sun during these hours for your hair (and skins) sake.

However there are measures we can install in our routine to keep our hair protected even if we are out during these times. Find a haircare brand that has a UV barrier protectant! This will protect your hair against the suns damaging rays and give you the freedom to not worry about breakage and colour fade.

We highly recommend Davroe haircare, the entire range is formulated to protect, enhance and prevent colour fade and includes a UV barrier across the entire range of products that protects against sun damage and leaves your hair happy and healthy.

Your Ultimate Summer Hair Guide -
Your Ultimate Summer Hair Guide -

Salt Water & Chlorine Damage

We know summer brings the heat and that means so many more beach visit and days around the pool. What what is that salty sea and chlorinated pool doing to your hair?

Salt and water mixed together created a saline solution that coats your hair. This can leave your hair feeling rough, damaged and dry even after shampooing. Continuous exposure can lead to your hair appearing dull and lifeless, toners and colours being stripped and faded and loss of natural hair oil which help your hair to feel nourished.

Chlorine is much the same as it can strip the hair of natural oils and leave it feeling dry and brittle. Swimming in a chlorinated pool often can make your hair highly porous which can result in hair breakage and uneven colour. You will often find (especially if blonde) that swimming in chlorine can alter your hair colour making it appear blue or green in appearance, this is a result of chemical reaction occurring. The green colour is not actually from the chlorine itself but from the copper that is oxidised by chlorine. This copper soaks into your hair giving it that famous blue/green tinge.

Your Ultimate Summer Hair Guide -

How can we prevent this from happening?

  • Wear a swim cap.
  • Rinse your hair immediately with fresh water when exiting the pool or the ocean, don’t allow the chlorine or salt to sit in your hair from extended periods of time.
  • Wet your hair first! Wet your hair with fresh water before you go swimming and apply a leave in conditioner that can act as a barrier while you’re in the water.
  • Don’t let your hair dry with salt or chlorine in it! wash your hair when you get home and use a clarifying shampoo to make sure you are really removing any excess.
  • Apply a leave in mask or conditioner after you have washed/ rinsed it. There is nothing like a nourishing hair mask to get your hair feeling soft and healthy after a day at the beach or the pool.
  • Stay away from heated hair tools and give your hair a much needed break.

Our Haircare Recommendations

Your Ultimate Summer Hair Guide -


Restore and treat lost moisture with this antioxidant rich formula, which will leave hair feeling strong and hydrated.

Directions: Apply to washed, towel dried hair. Leave in for 5-15 minutes, then rinse.

Your Ultimate Summer Hair Guide -




Protect hair with UVA and UVB filters, detangle, prevent split ends, moisturize, strengthen fragile hair, control frizz and flyaway’s, prevent chlorine and sun damage, protect against heat styling.


Your Ultimate Summer Hair Guide -





The ultimate moisture conditioning treatment that will leave your hair feeling soft and luscious 

Your Ultimate Summer Hair Guide -





A nourishing balm to help reconstruct, seal and prevent further damage and the return of split hair fibres. 

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