Meet Belinda – Our Brave Client Donating Her Hair To Charity

As some of you may have already heard or seen, our amazing client Belinda is taking part of the World’s Greatest Shave! Belinda reached out to us and asked if we, in particular her stylist of years, Kaitlyn, would do the honours of shaving her head – which of course we said yes! And after hearing her story as to why she’s decided to raise money for this cause & donate her hair, we couldn’t be more honoured to do so. We have also included how you can donate to Belinda’s fundraiser, as well as other ways you can help & how you can donate your hair, too. 

So, how does donating your hair work? 

Because we are partnered with Sustainable Salons ANZ, we do all the organising for you. All you need is at least 20cm length of hair that you are happy to donate, and then book in with us for a “hair donation” appointment. This doesn’t mean you have to completely shave your head, if you have long hair then you can chop off 20cm to make a lengthy bob. Check the photos from our client Ashlee who also donated her hair!

Once we’ve cut your hair, we then send it off to Sustainable Salons, who then up-cycle the hair into wigs for cancer patients & people who suffer from alopecia. This is how we go about all hair donations.

However in Belinda’s case, she has decided to create a fundraiser through The World’s Greatest Shave, and also donate her hair to Sustainable Salons. As Belinda thought if she was going to go ahead and shave her head anyway, she might as well donate her hair at the same time & give it to those in greater need.

So what is The World’s Greatest Shave?

Well, this organisation encourages everyday people like you & me, to take part in a fundraiser where you raise money to shave your head, to stand up to blood cancer. The money raised by the partaker is then donated to the World’s Greatest Shave, where they then distribute the donation to families affected by blood cancer needing special care to get them through the scary, uncertain & challenging times. 

“By the end of today, another 47 Australians will need to tell their families that they are now facing blood cancer, and life must stop as they navigate the scary moments ahead. It can happen to anyone, of any age – at any time.” — The World’s Greatest Shave

You can read more about the World’s Greatest Shave here & you can learn more about Sustainable Salons here

Meet Belinda - Our Brave Client Donating Her Hair To Charity -

So, after talking with Belinda & hearing her story as to why she’s decided to create this fundraiser, we thought our community would love to hear it too! So we asked Belinda a few extra questions so we could share with you her story, check it out below.

What was the reasoning behind your donation?

“Honestly, the reasoning behind it is quite personal. This cause is something that means a great deal to myself and my family, as a very close family member has been battling a type of blood cancer for a really long time now.”

What is the name of the charity/fundraiser that you will be donating to?

“I’m donating directly to the World’s Greatest Shave fundraiser/the Leukaemia Foundation.”

Is this something you’ve always wanted to do or was it more of a spontaneous decision?

“I have been thinking about doing it for a few years now, and have said in passing that I was going to do it. Now that my hair is long enough that I can donate it, I’ve decided it’s the perfect time!”

What made you choose Blanc Hair Studio, and in particular Kaitlyn, to do this for you?

“I’ve been going to Blanc for four years now and Kaitlyn has been my hairdresser for I think three of those years, and I trust her with my hair wholeheartedly. I’ve never walked away from a haircut or colour wishing it was done differently. I’m always impressed, so if I was going to ever ask someone to shave my head completely, it would have been her, always.”

Meet Belinda - Our Brave Client Donating Her Hair To Charity -

How do you feel about the thought of having no hair? Are you excited/nervous/all of the above for the change?

“I’m honestly pretty excited! I’ve never done anything like this before. Obviously, I am also nervous, for the exact same reasons. And there is just no Snapchat or Instagram filter that  could ever prepare you for the real deal. But I’m mostly excited. It’s for a fantastic cause.”

How do you think you will style your new look? With headbands, bandanas or just on its own?

“I’m honestly considering a scalp bleach as well as the shave, just to give it an extra little bit of fun. But to be honest, I haven’t thought about it all that much yet. If you know of any good small local businesses selling headbands and bandanas, I would be so willing to buy some to spice up my look a little more!”

Do you think it’ll be something you would want to do again in future?

“Oh absolutely! I’ve actually had so many people tell me how good they think my hair will look with a buzz cut, and have said they would be shocked if I ever grow my hair back at all! I suppose we just have to see how it really does look!”

What is your goal of how much money you’d like to raise?

“Honestly, I had my standards pretty low, I’ve never done anything like this before, and just expected that I wouldn’t raise a whole lot of money. I would really love to raise at least $3000 though, I think.”

Are there any other ways (other than a cash donation) that our community can help donate to this amazing cause?

“Obviously aside from money, I feel like donating your hair is so so special. There are so many men & women who battle these awful diseases who probably just want to feel beautiful again. Donating 20cm of your hair costs nothing but would bring so much joy to someone who needs it.”

Any other special things or additional comments you would like to add?

“I guess that I am so excited to be helping raise money for something that means so much to so many people. Not only will this money to go help fund research to find a cure for this awful illness, but it goes towards giving accomodation to families who are needing treatment, meals, or just to go to a support group to talk to other people going through the same thing.”

So, how can you help donate to Belinda’s fundraiser?

You can donate directly here via the link above or you can also make a coin donation to our charity jar at our front desk.

Belinda’s Greatest Shave Day is Friday the 12th of March, so make sure your donation is made before this date. Any little bit helps!

Meet Belinda - Our Brave Client Donating Her Hair To Charity -

How can you donate your hair like Belinda?

If you would like to shave your head as part of a fundraiser & donate your hair, then you can sign up via the World’s Greatest Shave website like Belinda did! Once you’re all set up, you can then reach out to us via Instagram, Facebook, or phone call, and we can book you in for the big day!

Or if you’re just wanting to donate your hair without the fundraiser, all you need to do is have at least 20cm length of hair that you are happy to donate, then book a “hair donation” appointment with us via Facebook, Instagram or phone call. There is no need to sign up to anything (unless wanting to create a fundraiser of course, which is organised personally), as we just grab your basic details at the salon & send your hair off to create wigs through Sustainable Salons. You then get a certificate for your donation!

Have any questions? Message our Instagram or Facebook, or call us on 4948 7761 to enquire about how it all works & how you can donate!

We hope you enjoyed this blog & learnt a thing or two about hair donations, and how you can involve yourself either by cash or hair donations, or even just promoting & bringing awareness to such things. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we talk about Protein VS Moisture – how to know what your damaged hair needs. In the meantime, be sure to stay up to date with our socials to see Belinda’s big day, as well as other behind the scenes of Blanc.

Talk soon! The Blanc Girls x

Meet Belinda - Our Brave Client Donating Her Hair To Charity

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