K18 The future of Hair

K18 has been making waves all over the world with its revolutionary way of transforming damaged hair into the healthiest hair you have ever had.

When we think damaged hair we think dry, we think frizzy and we think breakage. However hair health goes so much further than this.

Our hair is made up of millions of keratin chains and bonds. Imagine your hair is made up of ladders all twisted together to create a keratin chain. When our hair is damaged the singular steps of the ladder are broken, but also the outside runner and all the connections in-between begin to break.

Most products only focus on holding the ladder together temporarily from the outside, causing the hair to still feel weak and limp overtime. K18 repairs that ladder from the inside out, every step, every runner and all the connections in-between.

K18 The future of Hair -

After 10 years of research, they found a single peptide that is the most effective at reconnecting broken keratin chains and restoring hair back to its original youthful state.

This means that k18 is able to provide permanent results that repair and heal hair in just 4 minutes.

K18 The future of Hair -
K18 The future of Hair -

What can we offer you in salon with K18?

K18 is the best of the best when it comes to treating your hair, so you better believe we are using it in the salon! 

We offer a full k18 package that you can add on to any service. This includes:


A spray applied before we begin your colour or service.

MOLECULAR MIST SPRAY– Reverses damage and strengthens hair to create the best possible canvas before colouring and helps mitigate damage caused during processing. 

PRO CHELATING HAIR COMPLEX SPRAY- Demineralizes hair and resets it for optimal canvas for colour and chemical services as well as restoring bounce and shine to the hair.


Applied at the basins after your service and after shampooing.


LEAVE IN MOLECULAR REPAIR MASK– This intensive treatment restores, repairs and strengthens the hair as well as improving the elasticity of the hair in just 4 minutes.


So how do you use K18 at home?

  1. Shampoo,do not condition.
  2. Towel-dry thoroughly.
  3. Begin with 1 pump of K18 mask and add more as needed depending on length, thickness, and condition. Work evenly into hair from ends to roots, one pump at a time, maximum dosage is 3 pumps.
  4. Let sit for 4 minutes. Do not rinse out.
  5. Then comb + style as usual (fine to add heat protectant or styling product now).
  6. Use for the first 4-6 washes, then as needed
K18 The future of Hair -

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