How to Maintain Natural Curls & Eliminate Frizz

If you’re lucky enough to of been blessed with some form of curls, whether they’re tight, spiral, or even just natural beachy waves, this post is for you! This is your go-to guide on how to take care of your natural curls – maintaining the frizz & making the most of your hairs natural beauty. 
First things first, we have to determine what type of curl you have. We like to seperate them into 3 different types, such as:

How to Maintain Natural Curls & Eliminate Frizz -

Spiral Curls

You have the tightest of tight curls!

Take a look at your curls, are they dry? Having really curly hair means you need ALOT of MOISTURE! You obviously don’t need any help with creating more curl, but maybe need some help with taming the frizz.  

Products We Recommend:

Our Keune CARE Curl Control Shampoo & Keune CARE Curl Control Mask These two products are going to be PERFECT for adding lots of hydration into your hair! Replacing a conditioner with a mask is ideal for deeply moisturising dry hair, and will prove itself beneficial to you & your curls. The mask has a luxurious feel, and it adds shine & softness without adding weight to your locks. 

Once you have washed and towel dried your hair, we recommend using the Anti-Frizz Serum from the ELEVEN Australia range. The serum contains argan oil which is the PERFECT frizz fighter, ideal for taming those fly-aways & adding a nice shine to your hair. 

Steps to Achieve the Perfect Spiral Curls: 

1. Shampoo a small amount of Keune CARE Curl Control Shampoo into your hair, rinse & repeat.** 

2. Condition your hair with the Keune CARE Curl Control Mask (using approximately a 10 cent piece size). Apply this from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair, combing this through with a wide tooth comb. Leave in your hair for 3-5 minutes then rinse. 

3. After the shower, apply the ELEVEN Australia Anti-Frizz Serum, firstly make sure your hair has been combed and towel dried. Massage this through with scrunching motions.*

* Don’t play with your hair too much – the more you touch it, the more “frizzy” it becomes.

** You should ALWAYS shampoo TWICE! The first shampoo removes the surface dirt & oils in your hair, and the second will give your hair a deep clean, removing any excess oils. Ideally, you should only be washing your hair every 3-4 days.

Bouncy Curls

Bouncy curls! These type are still super curly, but are not as tight. If you have these curls, you may need a little help to make them more defined and less frizzy, without compromising on volume & body. 

Products We Recommend:

Keune CARE Curl Control Shampoo, ELEVEN Australia Miracle Treatment & ELEVEN Australia Keep My Curl Defining Cream

The keratin protein & raspberry seed oil elements in the KEUNE Curl Control Shampoo enhances your natural curls, perfect for making them soft & bouncy.

Using the Miracle Treatment by ELEVEN Australia as well as this shampoo is vital for keeping your hair hydrated & in shape! The Miracle Treatment has 11 benefits for your hair, including frizz & flyaway control, adding shine, & enhancing natural body. This paired with the ELEVEN Australia Keep My Curl Cream will further define your luscious locks without the crunch. 

Steps to Achieve Defined Bouncy Curls:

1. Shampoo using the KEUNE Curl Control Shampoo, which will be gentle yet cleansing for your beautiful curls. Making sure to shampoo twice.**

2. Condition with the KEUNE Curl Control Mask to add moisture, (applied exactly the same as described in the Spiral Curls Step 2) 

3. Once hair is combed & towel dried, rub 3-6 pumps of ELEVEN’s Miracle Treatment through to the ends of your hair. Keep in mind that the amount of product you apply will depend on how thick/long your hair is.

4. After adding Miracle, apply ELEVEN’s Keep My Curl Defining Cream (using approximately a 10 cent piece size), scrunching this through your ends. 

The choice is yours when drying your hair, whether thats letting it dry naturally or with a diffuser. If you decide to use a diffuser, make sure its on a medium speed with your head upside down, as this will help add body! ***

***Always make sure you only dry your hair 50% of the way, to let your natural curls define & settle. Don’t forget that touching your hair too much will create more frizz!

Beachy Curls

Beautiful beachy waves! So many people envy this style of hair & often recreate these curls with curling irons & straighteners. Except, you’re lucky enough to of been blessed with these natural beauties – so no tools needed! However you may need some advice on how to keep your waves looking effortless & beautiful. 

Products We Recommend:

ELEVEN Australia’s Sea Salt Spray & ELEVEN Australia’s Miracle Hair Treatment

Sea Salt Spray will be your best friend! It’s a light-weight spray that gives volume, thickness & beach hair texture. As described above, ELEVEN’s Miracle Hair Treatment is everyone’s favourite with 11 benefits your hair craves & needs! This duo is the  perfect light-weight solution to define your curls.

Steps to Maintain your Beachy Waves:

1. After shampoo & conditioner, add 3-6 pumps of Miracle through to the ends of your hair. Before bed we recommend putting your hair into a plait to keep the waves in place overnight, or let you hair dry naturally & untouched. 

2. In the morning, apply ELEVEN’s Sea Salt Texture Spray directly onto roots for volume or onto your mid-lengths for thickness & texture. You can also add some curls with a curling wand through the front of your hair if you’d like to add more definition. 

Curls in Mens Hair

How to Maintain Natural Curls & Eliminate Frizz -

If you’re a guy with curls your go-to product is ELEVEN Australia’s Frizz Control Cream!
Apply this to damp or dry hair, focusing on the ends. This will help define your curls & control the frizz. 

When it comes to curly hair, its best to let nature do its thing. However, using the right products & techniques will help eliminate frizz and enhance your natural style.

If you ever need help when it comes to handling your curls, we’d love to help you out & give specific advice for your hair! ​You can book in for a FREE consultation with us girls by giving us a call, or ask any questions in the comments below!

We hope this blog post has helped with any of your uncertainties when it comes to having curly hair! If you have any other blogs you’d like to see from us, let us know in the comment section below!

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