How to keep your Blonde Bright

How to keep your Blonde Bright -

Nothing beats the feeling of fresh hair , especially that fresh bright blonde feeling! But why is it that after a few weeks we start to feel dull and in need of a refresh? 

This blog is here to help you with all of our tips and tricks to keep your blonde feeling brighter and fresher for longer!

Lets talk shampoos

Contrary to popular belief purple shampoo can actually make your hair feel more dull over time. Yes purple shampoo is the perfect product to help you fight those brassy and yellow tones, however overuse of purple shampoo can make your hair over toned and appear more dull and deeper in colour over time.

We recommend to use a purple shampoo only when you feel it is necessary (when you feel like your hair is tarting to go brassy)

Deep cleansing shampoos are a great way to clean out your hair when you feel you have a build up of purple shampoo or even feel like your hair is in need of a deep clean.

We recommend to use a deep clean shampoo once a week or every 3rd wash to remove unwanted tones and build up cause by the elements e.g dust and makeup.

How to keep your Blonde Bright -

Heat styling

We know we all love styling our hair with heat tools, however over using heat on your blonde hair can not only cause damage but also opens up your hairs cuticles and encourages yellow and un wanted brassy tones. 

If you are wanting to heat style your hair, make sure you are using a good heat defence product that will protect your hair against damage.

Things to avoid

  1. chlorinated pools and spas
  2. overuse of purple shampoos 
  3. spray tans getting into your hair – always wear a cap
  4. constant heat without heat protection
  5. bad quality shampoos and conditioners that will cause build up in your hair
  6. washing your hair every single day

Our hair recommendations

How to keep your Blonde Bright -



The perfect detox shampoo to remove unwanted build ups in your hair and deep clean at the same time.



The perfect shampoo for you to use to remove unwanted brassy tones and keep your colour feeling fresh.


How to keep your Blonde Bright -
How to keep your Blonde Bright -



The perfect leave in hair treatment that acts as a heat defence for heat styling, a barrier against chlorine and a treatment to keep your hair feeling healthy and soft.

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