Everything you need to know about being a Blanc Bride

Hey there Blanc Bride! Congratulations, we feel so honoured that you have decided to choose us for your big day. We thought that before we go on this crazy and magical adventure together that we would help you get to know us better. Consider this your guide or handbook to all things hair and makeup on your special day.

Everything you need to know about being a Blanc Bride -

Securing your Day- 

By now you would have emailed us ( or if you are a Bride window shopping, Hey! Check out our form on our bridal page ). After enquiring we will send you an invoice with all of your specifications listed. Once we have received your deposit, consider that day yours. All of your details, dates, notes and thoughts are added into our Bridal calendar and you will be partnered with one of our exceptional stylists that will care for all your bridal needs.

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Your day is planned, hair & or makeup is booked and ready and now you have a million ideas running through your head on how to complete your style. We want you to feel your most confident and amazing self on your wedding day which is why we definitely recommend booking a trial. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that we will have enough time to ensure that your vision will come to life and your hair and make will make you look and feel like the best version of yourself. We recommend booking your trial in the 4-6 weeks before your big day. 

Prep for your wedding- 

The big day is fast approaching and is only days away now. By now our stylists will have organised start times and schedules with you. Heres everything you need to know for your morning.

Everything you need to know about being a Blanc Bride -

Hair- We ask that on the day of your wedding your hair and your bridal party’s hair is clean, dry, ready for us to begin our prep and get started. We recommend washing your hair the day prior to your event and ask that you add no extra product in after, this includes smoothing balms, oils and sprays. We do offer pre wedding blow drys in salon, if this is something yourself and your bridal party are interested in please feel free to contact us.

Makeup – We ask on the morning of your wedding that your face is clean and cleansed. A blank canvas for our amazing makeup artists to work their magic. Our makeup artists are equiped with everything they will need to make your makeup look amazing so we ask you to deter from putting moisturisers or oils on your face or neck before hand as they could have an undesired effect under certain makeup products.

Most of all we want you to have the most amazing day and be one of the best days of your life, so if there’s anything we can do for you to make your day smooth sailing be sure to let us know. 

We can wait to see you and we thank you again for trusting us on this special day xx


The Blanc Bridal Team xx

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