Cezanne Smoothing Treatment

Do you have frizzy unruly hair that you want to tame?

Cezanne Keratin smoothing is the treatment for you!

Cezanne Smoothing Treatment -

Cezanne Keratin is the ultimate treatment to smooth , manage and tame frizzy or unruly hair. It is especially amazing for clients who have curly, kinky or wavy hair that they feel just gets out of control. It also helps to reduce your drying time by 33-50%, who doesn’t want that!

We love Cezanne because it is completely formaldehyde free (meaning no hidden nasties- YAY). It is completely safe to use on all hair types and uses only the finest ingredients with no harmful chemicals, BIG WIN!

 Cezanne is so amazing, you can even enjoy no wait time! Clip up, pull back, tuck, style and even wash as soon as you want to! Get back to the things you love straight away without the inconvenience of waiting for a treatment to settle. Leave the salon feeling fabulous with completely wearable hair that doesn’t wear you down.

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