Bringing back the 90’s

90’s trends bringing back some serious vibes!

The 90’s was the decade for denim, butterfly clips, the spice girls and some serious vibes. The 90’s brought us so many iconic hair and fashion moments that are well and truly making a come back today. So let’s get inspired by these amazing looks and hair accessories.

Bringing back the 90's - 90's trends

Hair Claws

Bringing back the 90's - 90's trends

Hair claws were a major hair moment of the 90’s, from a messy bun to a french twist it is a sleek and easy way to style your hair. We are absolutely loving this trend and are lucky enough to stock some amazing hair claws from By Nancy. Hair Claws are versatile and work for all hair types and lengths, whether you are wanting to piece your hair into sections or create an upstyle the 90’s hair claw is the perfect accessory to achieve many different looks.

Bringing back the 90's - 90's trends

Cuts + Styles

Everyone everywhere immediately feel in love with Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) from her iconic role in the tv series ‘F.r.i.e.n.d.s’ During the tv serious there were many influential hairstyles. One hairstyle was so popular it was named ‘The Rachel’ in salons all of the world. This long bob hairstyle is back! Along with luscious, framing layers and volume.

Bringing back the 90's - 90's trends

The 90’s was a time for people to express themselves through their hair with many fun colours and styles. Space buns were one of the big festival hair trends during the 90’s and are well and truly making a come back today. Fun fact, the name space buns originated from Princess Leia in the first Star Wars film.

The ‘money piece’ was definitely a favourite of the former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and is becoming a frequent request of clients today and are as popular as ever. These beautiful highlights instantly brighten and frame the face and can change your look without breaking the budget. The ‘money piece’ is flattering for anyone and can be achieved on most hair types and colours.

Bringing back the 90's - 90's trends

Make up

To bring back the 90’s we definitely need to talk make-up! The 90’s went from one extreme to another. From coloured eye shadows to soft, vibrant natural skin. Coloured eyeshadows made a fun statement with BOLD BLUE becoming the most popular and desired look! One the other hand simplicity was also key with many celebrities keeping it natural and minimal like Kate Moss.

Bringing back the 90's - 90's trends

What a trip down memory lane that was reviewing and reminiscing some of the best hair and fashion moments of the 90’s. It is exciting to see that many of these iconic styles and looks are resurfacing today. With majority of us here at Blanc Hair Studio being 90’s babies ourselves we are all for bring back the 90’s!

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