Why We Use & LOVE BlondPro

Attention ALL blondes, have you been struggling with dull, damaged hair? Well we have got the perfect product for you! It is the one, the only, BlondPro treatment! 

So, what is BlondPro?

Well, similar to Olaplex, BlondPro’s mission is to maintain the integrity & condition of the hair, whilst achieving greater results when lightening. It is perfect for anyone who is in the process of lightening their hair, especially for those whose hair is already quite damaged.

So, why BlondPro?

Well unlike others in the market, BlondPro is only a three step process, making it easy & simple to use, including a take home product to ensure the health of your hair.

Here is how BlondPro works:

Why We Use & LOVE BlondPro -

Step 1: ‘A’ ADD

Step ‘A’ is used by salon professionals, and is added to bleach or colour to maintain the strength of the hair & to actively start internal hair rebonding.

Step 2: ‘B’ BOND

Step ‘B’ is again used by salon professionals, and is applied once the hair colour has processed. This reforms & links the remaining disulphide bonds, which restores the strength & integrity of the hair.

​Step 3: ‘C’ CARE

The ‘C’ component of the BlondPro treatments is for you to use at home, ensuring that your hair colour is prolonged, and the strength & integrity of the hair remains.

So, how do you get the BlondPro service? 

Book in NOW for a colour appointment by either calling us or message us on either our Instagram or Facebook!

Where are we located?

Only 15 minutes from Newcastle, we are located on the main street of New Lambton.

Our address is:

10 Regent Street, New Lambton 2305

We can’t wait to see you soon! Love the Blanc Girls x

Why We Use & LOVE BlondPro -
Why We Use & LOVE BlondPro - Newcastle Hair Salon - Blanc Hair Studio

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