Shai’s At Home Hair Care Routine

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And welcome back to our blog. Today we will be sharing with you Shai’s very own hair care routine!
​Similar to both Brie’s Emma’s blog, we will show you exactly what products Shai loves to use on her hair, as well as include a step-by-step routine on how she maintains her locks at home! Check it out below.

​Shai’s Hair Routine

Shai's At Home Hair Care Routine -

An Overview

Shai's At Home Hair Care Routine -

“My hair type is super fine & oily, so I like to use products that are going to nourish my hair, as well as promote hair growth for longer, thicker locks.
I also like to blow-dry & style my hair, so using products that protect my hair from any heat styling, as well as prolonging the time in between my washes is a must!”

Check out Shai’s step-by-step routine below.

Step-By-Step Hair Routine

Step 1 – Activating Shampoo

“For my first wash, I use Keune’s Derma Activate Shampoo. This shampoo stimulates hair growth, which is perfect for anyone who has fine, thin hair like me!”

Step 2 – Blonde Shampoo

“For my second shampoo, I go ahead and wash my hair with ELEVEN Australia’s Blonde Shampoo. My hair throws a lot of warmth, so this shampoo tones down any unwanted brassiness. This is my favourite blonde shampoo!”

Step 3 – Conditioning

“To condition my hair, I like to use the Keratin Smooth Mask By Keune. This mask adds strength & shine to my hair, as well as being super moisturising & nourishing. Apply this only to mid lengths to ends, avoiding your roots so they don’t get oily”

Step 4 – Leave In Products

“Once I have towel dried my hair, I then apply 2-3 pumps of ELEVEN Australia’s Miracle Hair Treatment! This has eleven benefits your hair craves & needs, one of them being a heat protectant to prevent hair damage when heat styling! This is really important for me as I like to blow-dry & style my hair”

Step 5 – Styling

“Next, I blow-dry my hair. Once my hair is completely dried, I either curl or straighten my hair with a GHD. To lock my style in place I use ELEVEN Australia’s Flexi Hold Hairspray. By doing this, my hairstyle generally lasts until my next wash with the occasional touch up!”

Step 6 – Styling

“In between my washes when my hair starts to get a bit oily, I like to use the Dry Queen Dry Shampoo from O&M. I love to use this so I don’t have to wash my hair as often, which is important for not only prolonging my colour but also minimising how often I apply heat to my hair!” 

And that’s it – all ready for the day!

There you have Shai’s at home hair care routine, perfect for those who also have fine & oily hair!

Make sure you tune into next weeks blog post for Kaitlyn’s hair routine, sharing with us how she manages her blonde locks at home! 

See you then! Love The Blanc Girls xx

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