Maddi’s At Home Hair Care Routine

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For todays post, we are sharing with you Maddi’s at home hair care routine, which includes her step-by-step routine with her must have products! Check it out below! 

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Maddi’s Hair Routine

Maddi's At Home Hair Care Routine -

An Overview

Maddi's At Home Hair Care Routine -

“For my hair, I tend to get oily roots & dry ends. So I like to use a deep cleaning shampoo to get rid of any excess oils, as well as using a hydrating conditioner to put the hydration back into my ends. I also have fine, thin hair, so using products that gives it body & texture is a must!”

Check out Maddi’s step-by-step routine below.

Step-By-Step Hair Routine

Step 1 – Deep Clean Shampoo

“For my first shampoo, I like to use ELEVEN Australia’s Deep Clean Shampoo. This is a must for me as my roots tend to go on the oily side, so this shampoo removes all oil & dirt build up!”

Step 2 – Activating Shampoo

“As my hair is quite fine & thin, I like to use Keune’s Derma Activate Shampoo. This shampoo promotes hair growth, so is perfect for anyone who struggles with thinning or fine hair!”

Step 3 – Conditioning

“For conditioner, I like to use something nice & hydrating for my ends as they go quite dry. So I like to use O&M’s Hydrate & Conquer Conditioner, focusing this on the mids to ends of my hair, avoiding my roots so they don’t go oily”

Step 4 – Leave In Products

“Once I have towel dried my hair, I then like to put 2-3 pumps of ELEVEN Australia’s Miracle Hair Treatment through the ends. This product is amazing because it has eleven benefits your hair craves & needs, one of those being a heat protectant, which is super important for me as I like to blow dry & style my hair!”

Step 5 – Styling

“I usually like to blow dry & straighten my hair with my GHD. So once my hair is completely dried & straightened, I then like to spray in ELEVEN Australia’s Shine Spray. This product controls flyaways as well as adding a healthy, glossy shine to my hair. I prefer this over serums as this product doesn’t make my hair go oily!”

Step 6 – Styling

“As my hair is fine & gets oily on my roots, I like to use O&M’s Dry Queen Dry Shampoo in between washes. This not only removes unwanted oils from my hair, but also add texture & body to my locks which I love as my hair lacks volume!”

Voila! All set & ready for the day.

We hope you enjoyed Maddi’s hair care routine, and maybe learnt a thing or two on how to manage your own hair! 

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