Kaitlyn’s At Home Hair Care Routine

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Welcome back to our blog. For today’s post, we have Kaitlyn’s at home hair care routine! Similar to our previous blog posts from BrieEmma & Shai, we have included Kaitlyn’s step-by-step routine of how she manages & looks after her hair at home with her favourite products. Check it out below!

Kaitlyn’s Hair Routine

Kaitlyn's At Home Hair Care Routine -

​An Overview

Kaitlyn's At Home Hair Care Routine -

“Because I am so blonde, my hair is quite damaged. So it’s really important for me to use repairing products that will nourish my hair & keep it healthy.
I also have fine & oily hair, so I like to use products that aren’t too heavy, but still add all the nourishment my hair craves & needs!”

Check out Kaitlyn’s step-by-step routine below.

Step-By-Step Hair Routine

Step 1 – Repairing Shampoo

“For my first shampoo, I like to use the new Repair My Hair Nourishing Shampoo from ELEVEN Australia. This shampoo strengthens & repairs damaged hair, as well as protecting it from any heat styling. This is perfect for me, as my hair is quite damaged from years of being blonde & continuous lightening!”

Step 2 – Blonde Shampoo

“Then, for my second wash, I like to use ELEVEN Australia’s Blonde Shampoo. This gets rid of any unwanted warmth & brassiness in my blonde, keeping my colour fresher for longer”

Step 3 – Conditioning

“Next I like to use the new Repair My Hair Nourishing Conditioner, again from ELEVEN Australia’s range. This works alongside the Repair Shampoo, to strengthen & rebuild my hair. I love this duo as they are lightweight yet still give my hair all the nourishment it craves, which is ideal for my fine, oily locks!”

Step 4 – Leave In Products

“Once my hair has been towel dried, I like to mix a pump or two of the Miracle Hair Treatment (from ELEVEN Australia) with a few drops of the Frizzy Logic Serum (from O&M). Then I like to run this through my hair, focusing on the mids to ends. This seems to be the perfect combo for my hair as it adds all the hydration my hair needs, as well as taming any frizziness!”

Step 5 – Styling

“I like to let my hair dry naturally, so once it has completely dried I like to go ahead and straighten or curl my hair with my GHD. Then I apply a tiny bit of the Frizzy Logic Serum again to add a healthy, glossy shine!”

That’s it! All styled & ready for the day.

​We hope you enjoyed Kaitlyn’s hair care blog, and hopefully you learnt a thing or two that might help you with your own hair routine!

Make sure to tune into next week’s blog to see how Maddi maintains her locks at home. See you then!

​Love the Blanc Girls xx

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