How to Prepare for Hair & Makeup on Your Wedding Day!

Congratulations! You’re engaged!! Which means it’s time to plan a wedding. We can hear the wedding bells already… how exciting!!

When it comes to planning the big day, it can quickly become overwhelming, making sure every small detail has been thought of. However weddings should be a time of celebration! A time where your friends & family gather to celebrate the love that both you & your significant other share. And it deserves to be nothing short of perfect!

So that’s why we are here – to take some stress away. So here is your go-to guide on planning your hair & makeup for your wedding day!

1. Booking in Advance

How to Prepare for Hair & Makeup on Your Wedding Day! -

​First things first.. we need to book you in! Of course we can’t book any appointments in without having the date of your wedding first. So once you have finalised the date, its time to book your wedding day hair & makeup!

Booking for Your Wedding Day

​Most people usually book 10-12 months prior to their wedding date, however this all depends on when you decide to get married from when you get engaged. And sometimes, things don’t go quite as planned, and of course exceptions are made! But ideally making bookings 10-12 months before the big day allows plenty of time in case anything were to stray from the original plan.

​Keep in mind when booking, you will need to book hair & makeup for yourself, your bridesmaids & usually your mother mother-in-law. At your next hair appointment, we recommend booking in your next colour appointments in advance up until your wedding, or at least your wedding colour. Doing this as soon as possible means you will get an appointment time that works best for you, and now “hair” is one less thing you need to worry about before your big day.

​Booking Trials

​Next we like to organise hair & makeup trials. We generally like to have these booked 1-2 months before your wedding. Generally we book in the trials just for yourself, however if you’d like your mother, mother-in-law or maid of honour to have a wedding trial as well we are more than happy to do that for you. Organising these to be 1-2 months prior to your wedding allows for the “just in case” moments, such as having a change of heart on what style you are after, or if we decide to have 2 trials before your wedding day etc.

You can book with us here through email! 

2. Getting Inspiration

Now its time to get inspired! YAY! Let’s choose your favourite wedding hairstyles & makeup looks.

You will need to have a style for yourself, your bridesmaids & mother/mother-in-law.

​Ideally, having 1-3 reference pictures of the final look you are trying to achieve works best! As having too many photos often clash together, but having 1-3 for variation creates a clear vision of the style you want to achieve.

Keeping in mind you should choose a style that compliments your dresses!

​​The best places for you to find inspo are Instagram & Pinterest.

Check Out Our Instagram Pinterest

Work Out What Style is Best for You

After all, it is YOUR wedding day – so it is important to choose a look that YOU feel most comfortable in. Here are a few things you should ask yourself before your search…

Do I Want My Hair to Be…

Boho or Elegant

Simple or Extravagant

Veil or No Veil 

Pulled Back or Left Out *

Do I Want My Makeup to Be…

Natural or Dramatic

Warm or Cool Tones

Nude or Bold Lip

Light/Medium or Full Coverage

Same goes for bridesmaids & mother/mother-in-law styles.
​Add your answers into your search to get a style that’s right for you & keep your favourite photos handy for your trial appointments!

*Having your hair pulled back works best for dresses that have a high neck & are a bit more extravagant, and having your hair out compliments most simple dresses – especially backless!

3. Preparation the Day Before

YAY only one more sleep before your big day! How exciting!!
Today is the day to get everything prepared for tomorrow, so then when you wake up it is nothing but pure bliss.


How to Prepare for Hair & Makeup on Your Wedding Day! -

This is where we highly recommend our pre-wedding blowdrys! These have a huge impact on how your hair will hold & style for the day.
What we do is use specific products for both yourself & your bridesmaids, so then your hair is not only super easy to style but will also last all night!
​So we highly suggest locking these in when booking your trial appointments for yourself & your bridal party! 

​If you decide not to book our pre-wedding blowdrys, make sure you wash your hair the night before and do not add any extra product, leave it all natural!

We recommend using our Original Mineral Detox Shampoo to remove any product/oil build up, as well as the Original Mineral Fine Intellect Conditioner for volume.

​Make sure to do two shampoos, and only apply conditioner once to your mids to ends. 

Do not apply any heat, so no straightening, or curling. Adding any product or heat will make it extremely difficult to style & could possibly cause your hair to “drop” any styling on the day.


​For skincare, you should consult a skincare professional at least 6 monthsprior to your wedding if needing to correct any impurities in your skin. Make sure to ask what your at home skincare regime should be. Stick to your normal routine the night before, avoiding any face masks that are clearing or purifying, as they usually draw out any hidden “nasties” in your skin – causing breakouts.

On the day of, make sure to moisturise! But do not use any sunscreen or SPF products! This is because most SPF products cause “flashback”** with flash or professional photography. 

**Flashback is the appearance of a “white cast” on your face with any flash or professional photography. 

4. It’s Your Wedding Day!

How to Prepare for Hair & Makeup on Your Wedding Day! -

It’s your wedding day!! YAY! Your big day is finally here! 

There is nothing you need to do on your wedding day, other than go with the flow of what the day brings. All of your preparation you’ve done prior to the day means you can! 

Generally speaking, our hair & make-up team will come first thing in the morning (with a scheduled time that suits you).
​We will work our magic & before you know it you’ll be walking down the aisle!

​We hope this guide helps you for your wedding day!
If you have any additional questions or enquiries about Blanc Weddings feel free to email us below!

All the best & happy wedding planning!

Love the Blanc Girls xx

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