Emma’s At Home Hair Care Routine

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And welcome back to another at home hair care routine – this time featuring Emma!

​If you aren’t aware already, us Blanc Chicks have decided to share our own hair care routines to give you some insight on how we look after our hair at home, as well as give you some tricks of the trade for specific hair needs! 

So, with that being said, here is Emma’s very own hair routine with her must-have products. Check it out below!

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Emma’s Hair Routine

Emma's At Home Hair Care Routine -

An Overview

Emma's At Home Hair Care Routine -

“For my hair, I love it feeling super clean all whilst still having volume!
So, I opt for products that are going to give me that deep clean feel, as well as using lightweight products so my hair doesn’t feel weighed down. I also like to blow-dry & style my hair, so having products that include a heat protectant is a must!”

Check out Emma’s step-by-step routine below.

Step-By-Step Hair Routine

​Step 1 – Deep Clean Shampoo

“I love the feeling of squeaky clean hair, so that’s why I use ELEVEN Australia’s Deep Clean Shampoo! I use this first to remove all the build up I have in my hair as I only wash my hair once a week”

Step 2 – Volumising Shampoo

“Next I use the Fine Intellect Shampoo from O&M. This shampoo is designed to help your hair build body! I love having my hair lift off my scalp without having to add extra products for my day-to-day styling. This product is also colour safe, so it is protecting my colour at the same time”

Step 3 – Conditioning

“O&M’s Fine Intellect Conditioner is my go-to! It is super light weight yet still makes my hair feel oh so soft & hydrated. Always condition mid lengths to ends”

Step 4 – Leave In Products

“Once I have towel dried my hair, I spritz through the Know Knott Detangle Spray from O&M. My hair can get quite knotty, so this product really helps with breaking up my knots whilst still putting some hydration back into my hair”

Step 5 – Leave In Products

“Once I have brushed out all the knots, I then apply 2-4 pumps of ELEVEN Australia’s Miracle Hair Treatment, building up the product more if necessary. Because my hair is blonde, it needs a lot of love! And the Miracle Treatment does just that, with eleven benefits in the one bottle, it covers all my hair needs down to a heat protectant!”

Step 6 – Styling

“Lastly I blow-dry my hair either by just finger drying it or with a round brush. Once my hair is completely dry, I either straighten my hair with a GHD or I’ll pop a very soft wave through, and that’s it!”

YAY! All done!

​There you have Emma’s at home hair care routine! ​​Did you learn something new?!

Make sure you tune in for next weeks blog post where Shai will be sharing her hair care secrets!

See you next time! Love the Blanc Girls xx

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