Boss Lady Brie’s At Home Hair Care Routine

Hey everyone! 

Us Blanc Chicks have decided to each share with you our at home hair-care routines! We thought this is a fun way to connect with you guys during these times, as well as give you a few tips that may be useful for you & your own hair regime!

So for today’s post, Boss Lady Brie has shared with us her step-by-step routine with the products she uses at home! Check it out below!

Brie’s Hair Routine

Boss Lady Brie's At Home Hair Care Routine -

An Overview

Boss Lady Brie's At Home Hair Care Routine -

“For my hair care routine, it’s important for me to use products that prolong my hair colour’s life as I have recently changed from being blonde to copper, as well as keeping my hair clean & hydrated, as I have naturally wavy hair that tends to go more on the oily side!”

Check out what products Brie uses in the step-by-step routine below.

Step-By-Step Hair Routine

​Step 1 – Detoxing Shampoo

“For a deep cleaning shampoo, I use O&M’s Original Detox Shampoo. This is my first shampoo every time I wash my hair. This opens up the hair cuticles and gets rid of any product build up”

Step 2 – Colour Protecting Shampoo

“For my second shampoo I use Keune’s Tinta Colour Shampoo. This not only cleans my hair but also maintains the integrity of my colour. It is super important to do two shampoos, as the first removes excess dirt & product build up, and the second shampoo gives your hair a proper deep clean along with its nourishing properties”

Step 3 – Conditioning

“When conditioning my hair, I alternate between both a conditioner & a mask. I either use O&M’s Hydrate & Conquer Conditioner or Keune’s Curl Control Mask. Because my hair is naturally wavy, I opt for a hydrating or curl conditioner/mask. Hair that is naturally wavy or curly craves moisture, so using a hydrating product will help your curls take their natural shape. Apply your conditioner or mask from mids to ends – avoiding the roots as this will make your hair oily!”

Step 4 – Leave In Products

“Once i’m out of the shower, and I’ve slightly dried my hair with my towel so its not dripping wet, I spray in the Know Knott Detangle Spray from O&M and let my hair dry naturally. This not only adds a little bit more hydration to my hair, but also acts as a heat protectant if I straighten or curl my hair the next day”

Step 5 – Leave In Products

“After I’ve applied Know Knott, I then apply O&M’s Atonic Bomb Thickening Spritz on my roots for volume. I also occasionally apply this to my ends if i’m wanting to scrunch my hair upwards to help with my curls”

Step 6 – Styling

“Once my hair is dry, I like to use Keune’s Spray Wax to give my hair a more piecey, textured look. A tip for using this is to pop your head upside down & then spray in the product, as this will give your hair more volume.”

& ​Voila! 

There you have Brie’s at home hair care routine! We hope this has been helpful for you & your hair routine, and hopefully you learnt a thing or two!

Make sure you tune in next week, as we will be sharing how Emma looks after & styles her hair at home!

Love the Blanc Girls xx

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