4 Quick & Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Your Work Week

Getting ready each morning for work or uni can start to feel like a chore, especially when you’re lacking inspiration & motivation. But luckily we’ve got you covered! With 4 Quick & Easy Hairstyles that you can do at home – saving you time & stress before your day ahead.

Look 1 – Half Up Half Down​ 

4 Quick & Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Your Work Week -

This super cute half up – half down hairstyle is your go-to look for something quick & easy in the morning!

Steps for this Look

1. Firstly brush out any knots or tangles in your hair using a Tangle Teezer. 

2. Our next step is to straighten hair, we used our Keune STYLE Heat Protect Spray.* To cut down time, straighten your hair the night before, so then you only need to touch up any bits that need. 

3. Tease 2 front sections of your hair near your temples & also along the back of your head with a tail comb. Use the Keune STYLE Dry Texturizer Spray to add even more volume & texture. Comb over your hair to remove any bumps.

4. Section hair from just above ears and separate into two halves. Use the end of a tail comb to get a clean line. Smooth hair back with comb, making sure there are no bumps & then tie with an elastic.

5. Separate a small section of hair from the pony tail and wrap it around the elastic. Then wrap the end of the hair around a bobby pin and push down to secure in place.  

6. Secure your hair with hairspray so it will last all day! (we used the Keune STYLE Brush Out Laquer) for a medium hold. 

Things You Should Know…

Applying a heat protectant before applying any heat to your hair is a MUST! Whether you blowdry, straighten or curl your hair, using this product should be an essential step in your getting ready regime. Reason being is because they add a ‘barrier’ to your hair cuticles, protecting them from extreme levels of heat. Your hair is gradually heated rather then straight away, reducing drying out, snapping & straw-like hair.

Look 2 – Half Up Bun with Beachy Curls

4 Quick & Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Your Work Week -

Beachy curls & messy buns are
​the perfect combo!
Stylish yet simple – what more do you need!

Steps for this Look

1. Our first step for this look is to curl your hair. Apply a heat protectant to your hair before you begin to reduce damage. We curl by using our GHD Styler, simply section pieces of your hair around 2 – 3cm wide.** Loop this section of hair around the straightener once, and drag the straightener down. See how Kaitlyn does this in the video below!

2. Next brush out your curls with a wide tooth comb or something similar. This will seperate curls & create a beachy texture. To add even more texture, go ahead and apply our ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Spray or our NEW O&M Surf Bomb Sea Spray. 

3. Then part your hair near your temples, cleaning it up with the end of a tail comb. 

4.. Next comb the top section of your hair, removing any bumps. Secure at the top of your head with a hair elastic. 

5. Tease the pony tail with a comb & apply our Keune STYLE Dry Texturizer Spray to add even more texture. Tease by holding the pony tail up and brushing down.

6. Wrap the textured pony around the elastic as loose or as tight as you’d like. Pin in place with bobby pins & tweak to your preference!

7. Apply the Keune STYLE Brush Out Laquer to lock in place for your day & you’re all good to go!

Things You Should Know…

** Keep in mind that the smaller the sections of hair when curling, the more ‘curlier’ your hair will look! As we are going for the beachy style, 2 – 3cm size sections work best.

Look 3 – Messy Space Buns

4 Quick & Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Your Work Week -

These fun & playful space buns are perfect for the FRIYAY vibe!

Steps for This Look

1. Firstly brush your hair with a Tangle Teezer then part your hair in the middle using a tail comb. Separate into two even halves. 

2. Comb hair to smooth over any bumps & secure both halves with an elastic in between your part & ear. 

3. Texturize & tease each pony tail.*** We love using the Keune STYLE Dry Texturizer spray to build texture!

4. Wrap each pony around its elastic, making it as messy as you’d like. Pin in place with bobby pins & tweak by pulling on the buns.

5. Pull pieces from around the face & curl away from your face with a GHD Styler if needed.

5. Secure in place with hairspray so they stay in place!

Things You Should Know…

*** Teasing your hair will add volume to your buns & makes it easier to manoeuvre. For a neater style tease less. 

Look 4 – Textured High Bun

4 Quick & Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Your Work Week -

This textured high bun is super simple yet sophisticated & classy – ideal for those days you need to “get stuff done” 

Steps for This Look

1. First of all we tip our head upside down & brush hair so it is smooth. Once it is smooth group your hair together and continue to brush out any lumps or bumps when back upright.

2. Secure with a hair elastic & tease the pony tail for texture. Use our Dry Texturizer Spray from the Keune STYLE range for more volume. 

3. Wrap hair around the elastic loosely and pin into place with bobby pins. Pull bits of hair to create a more messy look.

4. Spray with hairspray & you’re all done! It’s that simple!

So they are our 4 Quick & Easy Everyday hairstyles! We hope you enjoyed this blog & try these looks at home!

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